Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone 5's Are Starting to Arrive at BestBuy

According to a source Bestbuy stores are receiving their shipments early this year and so far they don't match up to their preorder numbers, sizes, carriers, and colors! Our source stated that as far as it seems they may not receive another shipment tomorrow to satisfy the preorders and any Walk-in's tomorrow.

Stay tuned for any more updates.

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- Posted using my iPhone 4


  1. I actually just stopped by the closest bestbuy and I got a chance to hold the iPhone 5, it was the demo model in black and all I can say is its amazing and SEXY!. For all of those who are worried that it is a huge difference in size and might be a big phone its not, its just perfect. With the look and feel of the iPhone 4/s you already love this is an amazing upgrade...

    1. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me take a picture of it for many reasons, one of which is its not supposed to be out of the box until 8am tomorrow the time many if not all of bestbuy's stores are opening.