Monday, July 25, 2011

MuscleNerd's Google+ Account Suspended for Using Pseudonym

MuscleNerd, a highly regarded member of the iPhone Dev-Team, has had his Google+ account suspended for using a pseudonym.

"Google+ suspended me for using the only online name I've *ever* used..."

Google is enforcing a real name policy on their new social site, Google+, which is generating a lot of negativity towards the service.

Jay Freeman, founder of Cydia explains his thoughts on the matter:

Personally, I think this state of affairs is ludicrous... Google's attempts to enforce what a name is don't even stand up to the test of multiple cultures, much less the test of an online pseudonymous world. +Gowtham S, even, was forced into the position of specifying a last name, something he does not actually have, and therefore falling back to an initial of his father's first name.

Meanwhile, one of my real-life friends, due to a very complex situation involving her parents' names and legal status in various countries, has a compound last name involving a hyphen, a slash, and a set of parentheses: a name that certainly contains more than enough symbols to drive Google+'s new rules past that brink of "fails when confronted with real world data".

*thanks iclarified*

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