Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apple Leases Office Space for 1,300 More Workers

Apple has leased office space that can hold about 1,300 workers while it works towards building its new spaceship campus, according to MercuryNews.

Apple has struck a deal to lease a big office campus in Cupertino just west of De Anza College, in a move that would enable the tech titan to occupy the complex with more than 1,000 workers.

The lease deal in the old Measurex campus, now known as Results Way Corporate Center, allows Apple to rent 373,000 square feet. City officials and industry experts with direct knowledge of the transaction confirmed the rental deal.

Up to 1,300 people could work at the campus which consists of nine buildings. It's expected that some renovation work will take place before Apple moves in.

Recently, Apple unveiled plans to build a new spaceship shaped building that would hold 12,000 employees. Steve Job's told Cupertino city council that "we're renting buildings, not very good buildings either, at an ever greater radius from our campus, and we're putting people in those. And it's clear that we need to build a new campus. So we're just out of space and that doesn't mean we don't need the one we got. We do need it but we need another one to augment it."

The city of Cupertino says 'There is no chance that we're saying no' to Apple's new mothership campus.

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