Sunday, May 15, 2011

What an iPhone with a relocated LED flash looks like

A purported fifth-generation iPhone case emerged last night with an iPhone 4-shape fit and a relocated LED camera flash. The flash hole is located on the top-right side of the iPhone’s back, and Apple might be doing this to mend iPhone 4 camera flash issues, which a small percentage of users have been experiencing. Now, we have a conveniently timed tip from Tobi in Germany who sends in an image of a “prototype next-generation” iPhone (aka Photoshopped iPhone 4) that demonstrates what a repositioned LED flash would like on an iPhone.

Update: A commenter below thinks this might be real. He’s done an inversion and changed the levels to find nothing to indicate photoshopping.

*thanks 9to5Mac*

We would rather see the apple logo used as an led flash, it would light up similar to a macbook to let you know your camera is on and ready to tale a picture and three super bright LEDs light up to produce a light bright enough to take a 8mp picture. We mentioned 3 LEDs because we would like the apple logo to be the same as the one on the MacBook (a somewhat transparent white apple logo and when the 3 LEDs light up it's perfect for taking pictures..

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