Sunday, March 13, 2011

Detailed iPad 2 Performance Benchmarks

AnandTech has posted detailed benchmarks of the new A5 processor and display found in the iPad 2.

Points of Interest:
● It's safe to say that there are a pair of ARM Cortex A9s in there
● Geekbench reports the iPad 2 at 512MB of memory, double the original iPad's 256MB.
● L2 cache size has also apparently increased from 512KB to 1MB.
● Stdlib write test which shows a near doubling of bandwidth from 1.2GB/s to 2.3GB/s
● 31% increase in single threaded integer performance over the A4
● There appear to be multiple panel vendors in play here
● iPad 2 seems to be marginally brighter with a bit worse black levels than the original iPad, resulting in a lower contrast ratio

Ahead of their GPU benchmarks AnandTech has posted side by side comparisons of Infinity Blade taken from the iPad 1 and iPad 2 optimized versions. Check out the improvement below...

*thanks iclarified*

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