Saturday, February 12, 2011

Using an iPad Doesn't Make You Attractive, Using an iPhone Does

Using an iPad doesn't help in making you attractive but using an iPhone might just do the trick, according to a Retrevo report.

Using an iPad is lower on the list of things men and women find attractive than even reading a book. We’re not sure why this is so, perhaps there is an element of resentment toward iPad owners among those unfortunate to be iPad-deprived.

At the top of the list of things that attract is a cool phone with 50% of men under 35 say they find people with cool phones more interesting. This same group of men is also impressed by the laptop you’re toting with 46% saying they are more interested in people with cool laptops. Women under 35 on the other hand, are less impressed by people’s gadgets with only 36% saying they find cool cell phones impressive while 38% of the same group of women like people with cool laptops more.

The study also found that using accessories like Bluetooth headsets and phone holsters make you unattractive.

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