Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TapeDeck 1.4 Released

TapeDeck 1.4 is now available with support for channel selection on professional audio hardware, and audio monitoring for recording line input sources. Because TapeDeck is a popular choice for users that are looking to digtize a library of cassette tapes and vinyl records, TapeDeck now allows users to listen to their attached audio sources as they are recording.

"Software play-through has been requested quite a few times over the years, but it's a very difficult problem to solve when you're using different devices for recording and playback," says Chris Liscio, the founder of SuperMegaUltraGroovy. "We used to direct users to free utilities that provide this monitoring functionality, but we wanted to offer an all-in-one solution instead."

In addition to the growing archival user base, an increasing number of professional musicians are favoring TapeDeck over their favorite digital audio workstation software packages. As a result, TapeDeck now offers the ability to choose recording channels on hardware devices that offer numerous audio inputs.

"Musicians are telling me that TapeDeck has freed them from waiting for their professional applications to launch, load plugins, and create project spaces, when all they want to do is capture some quick song ideas," says Liscio. "Guitarists can plug a guitar into an Eleven Rack, choose the rig outputs on channels three and four, and capture ideas and tone settings that can be later incorporated into a larger project. TapeDeck is the ultimate scratch pad for quickly capturing musical ideas."

About toastycode:
Daniel Sandler started releasing software under the toastycode label on the fourth of July, 2006 with the debut of Pyrotheque, his love letter to a misspent youth in a computer lab full of Mac Pluses, ImageWriters, and pixellated fireworks.

Supported Languages:
* US English, French, German and Japanese

Pricing and Availability:
TapeDeck 1.4 is available now for 24.99 (USD) in the Mac App Store in the Music cateogry, and it is a free update for all existing customers. A free trial, and further information, can be found at the product website.

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