Thursday, February 3, 2011

MenuStrip 3.5 Released

Indeeo has announced the release of MenuStrip 3.5, now available exclusively on the Mac App Store. MenuStrip 3.5, an update to the popular menu bar utility application, adds support and compatibility for Mac OS X 10.6 and the Mac App Store.

MenuStrip allows users to create their own fully customizable drop-down menus for easy access to their most commonly used applications, files, and folders. Users can also create "Action Buttons" that launch, hide, and quit groups of applications at once. MenuStrip's menu items can be displayed in the menu bar, or in a floating collapsable control strip that can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Along with the ability of creating custom menu items, MenuStrip includes several built-in menu utilities: a fast launcher that quickly finds and opens files and applications, an application switcher menu with options to hide background apps and the desktop, a customizable date/calendar item with alarm settings, and more.

MenuStrip can also be expanded with plugins. The currently available plugins allow menu bar access to Address Book contacts, an easily browse-able organized Safari history, and iTunes playback controls.

About MenuStrip:
The first version of MenuStrip originally launched on Mac OS X Public Beta, before the official release of Mac OS X (10.0). With that initial release, Mac OS X did not yet have any menu bar tools ("Menu Extras") and MenuStrip filled the void for users who were transitioning from Mac OS 9 and longed for the missing menu and control strip features. Mac OS X has evolved a great deal since then - and MenuStrip has evolved along with it, adding many more features to the menu bar and improving upon those which were later added to the OS.

* Create fully customizable drop-down menus with commonly used applications, files, and folders
* Add shortcuts in the menu bar to any application
* Launch, hide, or quit groups of applications at once using customizeable "Action Buttons"
* QuickLauncher: quickly launch applications and open files by simply typing their name
* Hide background clutter using 'Auto-Hide' and 'Hide Desktop' options
* Control Strip: place custom menus anywhere on the screen
* Expand with plugins: Contacts Menu, Safari Menu, and TunesControl

Pricing and Availability:
To celebrate the launch of MenuStrip on the Mac App Store, it is currently on sale for only $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). MenuStrip is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store.

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