Monday, February 28, 2011

Intel Starts Production of Z68 Chipset With SSD Caching

Intel has started production of the Z68 chipset which features SSD caching capabilities, according to VR-Zone.

Intel has also started production of their Z68 chipset this week along with other Cougar Point SKUs like H61 and Q65. All of them are based on the new B3 stepping therefore the SATA port 2-5 issue is fixed before they hit the market. Judging from the specs, it seems Intel has catered Z68 specially for enthusiasts which allows better processor overclocking, discrete graphics support and SSD caching capability. With these enhancements, Intel has priced the Z68 chipset some US$8 higher than the P67 counterpart. The launch for the Z68 chipset is slated for first week of May.

SSD Caching joins a regular hard drive to a solid state drive, putting the most frequently accessed data onto the SSD for quick access. The two drives appear as a single drive to users.

Before the release of the new MacBook Pros last week there were reports that the notebook would store the operating system on a dedicated SSD. While these rumors did not come true its possible that Apple was testing an implementation of SSD caching on their prototypes.

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