Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Apple Got Away With Breaking PR Rules During Antennagate

Apple's handling of Antennagate went against five key rules of handling a public relations crisis, according to a report by Joshua Gans in the Harvard Business Review.

For several weeks, Apple looked like a laughing stock. But by mid-July, the issue was gone. And not just negated, but pretty well forgotten.

How did Apple achieve this seemingly impossible public relations feat? By breaking 5 key "rules" ingrained in the public relations playbook. Jobs & co. did none of these — and that is why he succeeded in capturing the higher ground.

Five Rules Apple Broke:
1. Apologize and take full responsibility.
2. Don't create expectations with a media event.
3. Announce the give away first.
4. Avoid specific comparisons with competitors.
5. Don't air your industry's dark secrets.

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