Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Handy Web/Software Prototyping Tool

EASYNTH has announced the newly released V2.67 of ForeUI prototyping tool. ForeUI is a handy tool to create static or interactive prototype for website/software in your mind. Your prototype will be skinnable and you can change its style from "hand drawing" to "wire frame", and to native OS styles. The behavior of prototype can be defined with some intuitive flow charts to handle specific events. The prototype can be exported to wireframe images, PDF documents or DHTML simulation. The created prototypes will be very useful for idea sharing, design review, feedback collection or usability testing etc.

The newly released V2.67 allows you to add comment on any entity in the action editor, which is very helpful for reviewers to understand how the prototype works.

* Create prototype with low/medium/height fidelity.
* Design interaction with flow charts.
* Switch UI theme freely.
* User defined components/libraries supported.
* Export prototype to wireframe images.
* Export prototype to PDF document.
* Export prototype to clickable DHTML simulation.

Pricing and Availability:
* $99 per user
* Lifetime usage license
* One year free upgrade

*thanks iclarified*

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  1. Justinmind has also issued a new version of its Prototyper and a new online tool to share, comment and carry out user tests.