Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Subscription to 'The Daily' Extended, Suggests iOS 4.3 Delay?

The two week free subscription of The Daily has been extended suggesting a delay in the release of iOS 4.3, according to Macerkopf.de.

iOS 4.3 will bring support for in-app recurring subscriptions which are used by the iPad publication. Its initial two week free subscription has been extended to February 28th. Its unclear whether this is just a marketing move by News Corp or whether iOS 4.3 won't be ready until then.

Users who currently look to the subscription settings to The Daily "will notice that the subscription is automatically renewed, in our case to 28 February 2011. Raises the question of voluntary whether News Corp. for marketing purposes, the test phase renewed, or if Apple has not with 4.3 iOS completed on schedule.

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