Tuesday, February 22, 2011

File Multi-Tool 5 Hits The Mac App Store

publicspace.net has announced that File Multi Tool 5, a Mac App Store exclusive version of its popular A Better Finder Attributes product is now available. "File Multi Tool 5" combines the features of "Photo Date Changer" and "File Date Changer 5" and adds a few tricks of its own.

Change JPEG EXIF Timestamps at Will:
Just like Photo Date Changer, File Multi Tool 5 allows you to manipulate JPEG EXIF timestamps at will by setting them to specific times or batch adjusting them by adding and removing time (useful for correcting the timestamps of images taken with a digital camera with a incorrectly set clock and to compensate for timezone changes).

Correct Finder Sorting for JPEG EXIF and RAW Photo:
File Multi-Tool 5 also allows to synchronize the file creation and modification dates with the shooting dates of JPEG EXIF as well as a wide variety of RAW formats, so that files sort properly in the Finder and other systems.

Total File and Folder Creation and Modification Date Control:
Just like File Date Changer 5, File Multi Tool 5 gives you total control over file creation and modification dates, setting them to specific times and dates, adding or removing time or simply removing them altogether.

More File Magic

On top of these features, File Multi Tool 5 gives you control over:
* Whether or not file extensions appear in the Finder
* Batch locking or unlocking of files
* Setting or removing legacy creator and type codes
* Removing invisible files
* Seeing invisible files in the Finder
* Batch setting of Finder labels
* Forcing the Finder to update its information about files and folders

File Multi Tool 5 features an elegant and intuitive interface with many advanced features. Simply drag & drop the files you want to change into the file list, select an action from the popup menu and modify the settings to your liking, then click on "Perform Changes".

Other Features:
* Batch operation
* Drag & Drop into the file list or onto the application icon
* Select files in the Finder and activate File Multi Tool 5 via the Finder context menu or via a hot key
* Automatically deals with file date consistency rules
* Separate processing for files and folders, batch processing of sub-folders

Pricing and Availability:
* File Multi Tool 5 is available exclusively on the Mac App Store for $14.99
* Photo Date Changer is available exclusively on the Mac App Store for $7.99
* File Date Changer 5 is available exclusively on the Mac App Store for $4.99
* A Better Finder Attributes 5 is available via the publicspace.net web store for $14.95. Family, Business and Enterprise licenses as Forever Upgrades are available.
* A Better Finder Attributes 5, A Better Finder Rename 8 and Big Mean Folder Machine are also available as a bundle for only $34.90. Family, Business and Enterprise licenses as Forever Upgrades are available.

*thanks iclarified*

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