Saturday, February 5, 2011

Craigslist Posting Camera App for iOS

Mother Tucker has announced the release of CraiglyCam 1.8, the Craigslist photo posting camera app for the iPhone. Designed originally for iPhones, CraiglyCam is a video still camera app which gives users the fastest method for posting photos to Craigslist. For example, users can take 4 photos with their camera and upload them to Craigslist with just 6 taps. It is also gives users full control of the camera hardware, auto and manual uploading to Facebook/Flickr/Twitter, photo timers, photo filters, and many other features. Two significant features are allowing users to: take and upload 4 photos to Craigslist with 6 taps; record videos, take photos, set the focus and set the exposure using different gestures on the camera preview.

* Take and upload 4 photos to Craigslist with just 6 taps
* Take a Photo - Single Tap preview
* Start/Stop Recording - Double Tap preview
* Set Focus - Press & Hold 1 finger at desired point on the preview
* Set Exposure - Press & Hold 2 fingers at desired point on the preview
* Resolution / Flash / Torch / Focus / Exposure / White Balance Controls
* 5X Digital Zoom on both cameras
* RAW JPEG Photos - Pure, uncompressed JPEG photo data
* EXIF - Camera Timestamp GPS EXIF included in RAW photos
* Burst Mode - Take 2, 3 or 4 burst shots with a single tap
* Photo Timers - Specify a "Start Time", "Photos Count" and "Delay" using your keyboard
* Zoom, Timers, Recording, Photos and more work on front camera too
* Burst Photo Timers - Take as many burst shots as you want by creating a Timer with a "Delay" of 0 seconds
* Anti-Shake - Use your Accelerometer to take photos only when there is no shaking detected
* Auto Upload - Auto Upload your Videos & Photos to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter in the background
* Auto Save - Keep recording & shooting while photos are saved in the background
* Background Uploading - Kick Off Video&Photo uploads and then switch to your other Apps
* Geotag Flickr Videos&Photos
* Reticles [Scope, Rectangle, Rule Of Thirds] with color choice of [Black, White, Red and Green]
* Button Colors [Black, White, Red and Green]
* Black & White - Auto converts photos to Black&White (Can also be done manually in App camera roll)
* JPEG Quality Control - Allows compression of photos for faster uploading
* Twitter Client - Read / Send Messages and Tweets; Set / Send Twitter GEO location
* Facebook Client - Send Updates with GEO location
* In-App Mail

App Camera Roll:
* Multiple Selection Support
* Trim Videos
* Playback Videos
* Crop and apply Filters (Black & White, Brightness) to Photos
* Upload, Mail, Delete multiple Videos&Photos at once
* Save multiple Videos & Photos to your device's camera roll at once
* Reorder Videos & Photos
* Edit upload locations with a Google map
* Add Existing Videos & Photos from your device's camera roll
* Swipe through full screen view of Videos & Photos

Pricing and Availability:
CraiglyCam 1.8 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

*thanks iclarified*

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