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New v1.7 Vitamin K App Released for iOS

Independent developer James Hollender has released version 1.7 of Vitamin K, his app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Vitamin K allows users to easily find out how much vitamin K there is in over 900 different food serving which is critical in helping keep the effectiveness of their blood thinning medications working properly. If you take blood thinning medications like Coumadin or Warfarin, then this is an app you will truly make use of on a regular basis.

New in version 1.7 is the capability to print the food serving information pages, and also the general information pages using AirPrint.

For those taking blood thinning medications like Coumadin(R) or Warfarin (also known as Jantoven, Marfarin, Lawarin, Waran and Marevan), then this is an app which will truly be used on a regular basis. Most lists providing information on the content of vitamin K in foods generally contain only a limited number of foods, and often they don't indicate the serving size. It is important to understand that the goal for those taking blood thinning medications isn't to not eat any foods with vitamin K, but rather to keep relatively constant the amount of vitamin K ingested each day so the amount of blood thinning medication prescribed can work effectively. This can be different for every person using these medications, and this is why doctors require occasional blood tests as they indicate if the dosage needs to be adjusted.

All too often it is heard that users of blood thinning medications should stay away from dark green leafy vegetables, but there are a host of other foods containing vitamin K. Even the dark green leafy vegetables contain varying amounts of vitamin K. Further, each food has its own characteristics and sometimes whether it is fresh, frozen or canned can make a difference in the vitamin K content. The important thing to understand is that too much may be inadvertently ingested because something which is thought to not contain any vitamin K when in fact it does. A good example would be carrots which contain varying amounts of vitamin K. A single baby carrot has only 0.9 mcg (very low) while a cup of canned carrot juice contains 36.6 mcg (high).

The Vitamin K app provides information about foods and how they are rated for Vitamin K content based on preparation and serving sizes. This is provided as a means to assist in deciding which foods to eat if you are using blood thinning medications such as Coumadin(R) or Warfarin. The foods are rated from EXTREMELY LOW to EXTREMELY HIGH in Vitamin K. The following colors help readily identify which is which:

* Black = Rated EXTREMELY HIGH in Vitamin K (700.0 - 1146.6 mcg)
* Dark Red = Rated VERY HIGH in Vitamin K (300.0 - 699.9 mcg)
* Red = Rated HIGH in Vitamin K (25.0 - 299.9 mcg)
* Orange = Rated MODERATELY HIGH in Vitamin K (20.0 - 24.9 mcg)
* Yellow = Rated MODERATE in Vitamin K (15.0 - 19.9 mcg)
* Light Green = Rated MODERATELY LOW in Vitamin K (10.0 - 14.9 mcg)
* Green = Rated LOW in Vitamin K (5.0 - 9.9 mcg)
* Cyan = Rated VERY LOW in Vitamin K (0.1 - 4.9 mcg)
* White = Rated EXTREMELY LOW in Vitamin K (less than 0.1 mcg)

There are eight tables listing foods:
* All Foods
* Fast Foods
* Fruits & Vegetables
* Meat, Fish & Shellfish
* Dairy & Eggs
* Grain & Pasta
* Sweets
* Snacks

Selecting a food in any of the tables will display pertinent information about the selected food serving:
* Food Title
* Weight (in grams)
* Common Measure (serving size for weight)
* Total Vitamin K Content (in micrograms)
* Vitamin K1 Content (in micrograms)
* Vitamin K1D Content (in micrograms)
* Vitamin K2 Content (in micrograms)
* Calories
* USDA Description
* USDA Food Group
* USDA Nutrient Database Number

Information is derived from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference: Vitamin K Content of Selected Foods per Common Measure. There are currently over 930 different foods included, searchable using approximately 2,500 names (some foods are known by different names or how they are prepared, e.g., "Egg, Scrambled" and "Scrambled Egg"). A few of these have as many as six searchable names.

The Info page provides additional information about Vitamin K:

* What is Vitamin K? - Describes what vitamin K is and how it affects the clotting of blood; Identifies the differences between vitamins K1, K1D and K2

* Coumadin(R) & Vitamin K - Provides information concerning the interaction between Coumadin(R) and vitamin K; Explains why Coumadin(R) might have been prescribed, how it works and what can help keep your blood INR/PT in the desired range; Illustrates potential interactions of alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements, vitamin E, herbal medications and antibiotics

* Highest Vitamin K Foods - Lists 11 different foods containing the highest amounts of vitamin K

* How to Use this App - Provides information on how to more fully understand the information presented.

* About this App - Identifies the developer and allows the user to report problems, ask questions and make suggestions.

The Vitamin K app is one of 8 nutrient apps based on the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. The others include:

* iCarbs - Carbohydrates - great for bodybuilders or diabetics
* iProteins - great for bodybuilders, vegetarians or vegans needing to make sure they get enough protein in their diet
* iCals - Calories - for anyone watching their calories
* iSugars - for those concerned with getting too much added sugar in their diet
* iFiber - for those who want to make sure they get sufficient fiber in their diet
* iCholesterol - Dietary Cholesterol - for those wanting to watch their cholesterol intake
* iSatFat - Saturated Fat - for those who have been advised by their physician to limit their intake of saturated fat

Pricing and Availability:
Vitamin K 1.0 is available in the iTunes App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The current price is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and can be found in the Medical category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website, blog or organization you represent when making your request.

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