Thursday, January 27, 2011

iOS Apps vs. Web Apps

AppsFire has analyzed over 1,000 iOS devices and found that only 10% of their time is spent in a mobile browser.

This encompasses both mobile web apps and regular web browsing, so usage of veritable mobile web apps is actually significantly less than 10%. This is in stark contrast to the figure of 50% time spent in native apps, not including the default mail app and other typical telephony apps (mostly default, or pre-installed apps, but also including Skype).

Further Results:
● The median iOS user installs 88 apps to accompany the 20 pre-installed on the device.
● The market for paid apps is quite healthy: 23% of apps on a device are paid apps.
● Games account for much of native app usage: 32% of time spent for native apps (not including telephony or mail) is for games.

Take a look at the graphic below...

*thanks iclarified*

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