Monday, January 3, 2011

Google Plans Digital Newstand to Rival iTunes Subscriptions

Google is planning its own Digital Newstand to rival the upcoming iTunes Subscriptions feature from Apple, according to the WSJ.

The e-newsstand would include apps from media companies offering versions of their publications for smartphones or tablets running Android, say people familiar with the matter. Google hopes to launch it in part to provide a more consistent experience for consumers who want to read periodicals on Android devices, and to help publishers collect payment for their apps, these people say.

Google has discussed its intentions with many publishers but details and timing are still vague.

Meanwhile, Apple is readying its subscription feature which will give publishers 70% of revenue.

Apple is planning to share more data about who downloads a publisher's app, information publishers can use for marketing purposes. According to people familiar with the matter, Apple would ask consumers who subscribe to an iPad version of a magazine or newspaper for permission to share personal information about them, like their name and email address, with the publisher.

The WSJ notes that some publishers are upset with the arrangement because they believe few customers will opt to share this information.

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