Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Elderly Woman Tries to Smuggle 44 iPhones Into Israel

An elderly woman was caught trying to smuggle 44 iPhones through Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport, according to Haaretz. The woman was in her sixties and returning from a trip London.

Last week's would-be smartphone smuggler was reportedly dressed in a traditional Georgian outfit and walking with difficulty, which drew the attention of customs officials. When they approached the Israeli woman, she claimed she was not feeling well.

They agreed to accompany her, but told her she must first pass through the full-body scanner. The officials were amazed to find that, under all the wrappings of the traditional dress, the woman had hidden no fewer than 44 iPhones in her stockings. She was later released and a decision will be made this week on whether to indict her or to send her before the committee that determines fines.

44 iPhones from the UK would have a value of between $35,400 and $42,500 US depending on the model.

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