Friday, January 7, 2011

Breaking news on Verizon Apple deal!

According to our source, Apple and Verizon have made a deal and are going to release Verizon branded products (iPhone 4 & iPad(current generations)) sometime in the first two quarters of 2011. This source gave us very accurate news when the iPhone 4 was being released and quantities that would be available. The source also stated that there has been talk of a 7-8 inch offering from Apple. Another source stated that the only way Verizon got the deal in is that Verizon would lag behind AT&T by one year give or take a few months...

IMO I will not believe this until I see it with my own eyes! Even though our sources have proven there worth it is to big of a story to believe it just like that, what happened to the 5yr contract? Between AT&T and Apple?

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