Friday, January 14, 2011

Another iPhone 4 Model is Headed to China?

Apple may be set to release a third model of the iPhone 4 which will be supplied to China and other countries.

Yesterday, references to an iPhone3,3 model were found in the iOS 4.3 beta firmware. Today, Digitimes reports that there are two models of the CDMA iPhone.

Pegatron started shipping its CDMA iPhone 4 in January 2011 and Foxconn started in December 2010. Foxconn's model will be solely supplied to the US, while Pegatron's model will be supplied to China and other countries. Since US-based telecom carrier Verizon currently has over 93 million users in the US, the launch of CDMA iPhone is expected to double the number of the current iPhone users in the market.

The CDMA iPhone is said to have a bill of materials estimated at US$190-200, lower than iSuppli's BOM for the first-generation iPhone of US$217.73, but higher than the iPhone 3G/3GS at US$166-170.8 and the iPhone 4G at US$188. The site expects Apple to reach a new record in shipments for 2011.

Interestingly the site also reports that Apple is using new technologies in the device.

Since Apple is starting to adopt new technologies and materials such as halogen-free connectors, carbon fiber internals, solar glass charger plates and double-webcams, which it will gradually adopt into all its product lines, related component suppliers are all expected to profit in 2011.

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