Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flash Optimizer for Mac

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Eltima Software has released Flash Optimizer for Mac version 2.4 with full support of Flash CS 5 files. This is a powerful and feature-rich tool that is able to reduce SWF files size up to 60-70%. Its functionality is based on unique algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphs, Z-buffer, fonts and other optimizations. As a result SWF file has a smaller size and saves considerable amount of traffic and loading time.

Flash Optimizer for Mac compresses not just separate parts of SWF, but the whole file including curves, zero objects and more. Flash Optimizer for Mac is flexibly customizable, which gives the user full control over the compression process. For those who are new to Flash technology it features most convenient preset options to achieve the best compression results in each case.

Flash Optimizer for Mac features a very convenient preview option. One can play with optimization settings and preview the result on the go. It is easy to check out the SWF file info by pressing the corresponding button - file size in bytes, percentage of each kind of resources (shapes, pictures, sounds, videos, scripts, etc.) and general size of original and optimized files. Possibility to compare initial SWF file and optimized one in two player windows with zoom in and out function make Flash Optimizer for Mac very convenient and highly efficient in use for any Flash designer.

Flash Optimizer 2.4 features at a glance:
* Full support of SWF files created in Flash CS 5
* Unique SWF compressor for Mac OS X
* Simple and Professional optimization modes; possibility to customize every option
* Easy preview of compressed SWF and comparison with initial file
* Easy-to-use interface with intellectual, fully customizable controls
* Shapes and morphs optimization
* Fonts optimization
* Zero objects optimization
* Z-buffer optimization
* Vectors and curves optimization
* Images and sounds compression
* Embedded video compression
* Speed and reliability

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