Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Complete Travelogue in the Palm of Your Hand

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A new application is set to make life easier for those jetting off to sunnier climes. My Vacation 2.0, created by Jasper Apps for iPhone and iPod touch, lets travellers plan and document their travels with one easy-to-use app - and create an instant photo album, too. Already featured in Apple's "What's Hot" list, the app has also been voted a Staff Favourite for its convenience and ease of use.

Besides handy packing and 'To do' lists, and an invaluable 'Notes' facility that stores the user's links to handy websites, the app allows travellers to create an instant travelogue containing photos, videos, maps, journals and audio recordings. An auto-locate feature in the app 'remembers' where photos were taken, and users can choose to create virtual postcards to send to friends, or upload the travelogue to Facebook, Flicker or Twitter.

Tony Short, Director of Jasper Apps explains, "My Vacation takes the hard work out of your trips because you can store everything you need in one place, from pre-departure information such as your flight details and packing list to local maps, information on must-see sights and the local weather. By letting you organise your photos and videos as you go along, it also creates a complete record of your trip - and lets you share it with your friends and family at the click of a button."

Pricing and Availability:
My Vacation 2.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. A free version of the app, My Vacation Lite, has just been released.

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Dejal Releases Tweeps 2.1 for iPad and iPhone

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Dejal Systems has announced the release and immediate availability of Tweeps version 2.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Tweeps is a Twitter companion app. It isn't a full Twitter client - you can't post tweets from it. Instead, it is a tool to manage your Twitter account. Edit your name, bio text, website URL and location, plus follow/unfollow people, see if someone follows you, block people, and find people.

Edit Your Account Information - Add multiple accounts to Tweeps, and easily edit them:
* Edit the name displayed for your account
* Change the biographical text - the description you write about yourself
* Edit the website URL, previewing it in an integrated web browser
* Set your current location using the device's GPS, or type a less specific location, and preview on an integrated map view

View Information About Twitter People - Learn all about your own accounts and others:
* See the display name, username, how long they've been using Twitter, and their Twitter ID.
* View the avatar picture, including full-sized, and copy it if desired.
* FOLLOW or UNFOLLOW other people. The left button indicates whether or not you already follow them.
* The right button indicates whether or not the displayed person follows you.
* Tap the right button to display a BLOCK button; you can also optionally report them as a spammer.
* Read the bio description text.
* See the website URL, and tap to display it in an integrated web browser.
* See the location, and tap to display it on an integrated map.
* Read the most recent tweet (update), along with the total number of tweets that have been posted; tap to read any number of recent tweets.
* See the number of people currently being followed (Following) and who follow the person (Followers); tap to list them and explore further.
* When viewing your own account, you can also see lists of tweets that mention you and people you're blocking.
* Find other Twitter people by username, first/last name, company, or brand name.

Delve Deeper:
Read recent tweets from each person, or skim through the lists of people you're following and who follow you, and see more information about them, including who they follow and who follows them. A great way to discover interesting new people to follow - and you don't need to wonder if you already follow them or not, since it is shown right in the profile detail information.

Load newer updates simply by scrolling to the top, or automatically load more tweets or people by scrolling to the bottom. A nice feature is rotation support - Tweeps works in all orientations, plus on iPhone displays a fun wobbling rotation lock button to stop it rotating when you want to read lying on your side.

Learn More:
See a demo video and more screenshots on the Tweeps website. Dejal is a long-established independent Mac software company, now also producing iOS software.

Version 2.1 adds support for multitasking under iOS 4, plus a number of fixes for iOS 4 compatibility. It also adds high resolution images for optimal viewing on the new iPhone 4 retina display. And other minor tweaks.

Pricing and Availability:
Dejal Tweeps 2.1 is completely free of charge and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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White iPhone 4 Unboxing [Photos]

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M.I.C gadget has posted photos of the white iPhone 4 being unboxed.

Take a look at a few below.

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