Sunday, June 20, 2010

No iPhones at Best Buy on Launch Day?

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According to a purported "mini launch guide" leaked by someone inside Best Buy, pre-ordering an iPhone 4 does not mean you'll get a phone on launch day: June 24. The "Employee News" bulletin also says that "inventory quantities are still being determined" in contradiction to reports that each Best Buy retail location would be getting 45 phones on launch day.

A poster on Howard Chui's HowardForums site going by the name of BBInsider put up scans of the bulletin, which was dated Monday, June 14: the day before pre-orders (or "pre-sales" in Best Buy jargon). The text of the bulletin notes that employees may have seen SKUs (stock-keeping units, i.e. inventory numbers) for the different iPhone 4 models and the new iPhone 3GS 8GB, and explains that "while this information is directionally accurate," (???) "it doesn't mean those are the quantities that will be available on launch day."

The news bulletin specifically instructs employees to "not make appointments or promises with customers relating to dates and product availability." This admonition is highlighted in bold, so it's a shame that the sales rep who promised me I'd get an iPhone on June 24 while taking my pre-order either didn't read that part or ignored it.

The bulletin seems legit, as it's full of sales jargon and features the punctuation-FAIL "Reserve Your's TODAY" signup sheet. And given how badly the iPhone launch has gone in general so far it makes sense that Best Buy would find a way to add to the screw-up.

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We would suggest you should be at your best buy first thing on June 24 or that might give your iPhone to the first person who walks into the store for a new iPhone without a pre-order...
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