Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ultrasn0w 0.92.1 Released Unlock 04.26.08 Baseband On iOS 4 GM

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"While I realize there is not a lot of people that are actually on the older baseband, 04.26.08, there has been an update pushed by the Dev-Team, thus releasing an ultrasn0w update that allows users with the older baseband to unlock their iOS 4 GM device.

This is an official unlock fromt he Dev-Team for baseband 04.26.08, however there will not be a release for other basebands until iOS 4 is released publicly.

You can install ultrasn0w by adding to your Cydia source list (do not use the repo because that still has the older version 0.92). Note: ultrasn0w is spelled with a zero, not the letter “o”.

Once again, if you are not familiar with all of this, please hold off until the public release when iOS 4 hits the streets."

*thanks modmyi*

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