Thursday, December 30, 2010

Man Punches Teen for Refusing to Turn Off iPhone on Flight

Russell Miller, a 68-year-old Treasure Valley man, punched a 15-year-old teenager after he refused to turn off his iPhone.

Witnesses say the teen was on his iPhone playing games and listening to music. When the intercom announced that all electronics be turned off, the teen ignored the request. As a result, Russell Miller got angry and punched the 15 year old. The pilots radioed air traffic control and cops were sent to the gate to arrest Russell Miller.

He punched him so hard there was a mark on the teen's arm," Lipple said. "That gave us probable cause to believe the reports from the other passengers."

Miller was charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and booked into the Ada County jail.

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Ok, first off there is an airplane mode on idevices for a reason! Second no one has the right to attack anyone on a plane weather you are provoked or not, let alone a miner. Isn't there supposed to be a cop or USMarshall on every plane or did they stop doing that? Flight attendants need to be trained to know which electronics have airplane mode and which don't, to avoid these kinds of things happening in the future.

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