Friday, November 12, 2010

Tension Software Updates Mac Restart X

It's simple to use and effective from day one thanks to the simply designed interface
The setup procedure in Mac Restart X takes only few seconds.
The application can restart a Mac on a regular basis selecting to have the restart any day at a specified time or a specified day of the week or one time only at a specific date and time using a calendar control or at launch using it via Apple iCal.
Additionally the Mac can also be restarted using the 'Web Restart' method. The application checks at regular time interval a web page and when a specified keyword is found inside, the Mac will restart. Useful to restart many computers at the same time.
Mac Restart X before executing the restart will warn the user before a prefixed interval time the user can set via preferences.
It can also launch a selected file or application before restarting.

Mac Restart is US$ 20 (Universal Binary)

Feature Highlights:
* Doesn't slow down a Mac when in background, using minimal processor resources
* Uses native Mac OS X Date Time Calendar control
* Warns the user before restart showing a progress bar or jumping from the dock.
* Variable warning time interval adjustable in preferences
* 'Scheduled Restart', 'On Date Restart' , 'At Launch Restart' and 'Web Restart' let the user have a true choice
* Optional file launcher before restart

New in this release:
* Internal improvements

A bit of history:
Mac Restart X it is the successor of the successful Mac Restart running years ago on Mac OS Classic
The application is entirely rewritten for Cocoa and doesn't share a single line of code with the ancient Mac Restart for Mac OS Classic

*thanks iclarified*

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