Friday, November 5, 2010

Steve Jobs Moves Up 40 Spots on Forbes Most Powerful People List

Steve Jobs has moved up 40 spots on Forbes World's Most Powerful People list. In 2009, Jobs was ranked number 57. This year he is ranked number 17.

Insanely creative Apple cofounder transforms multibillion-dollar industry every few years. First, personal computers with Apple II, Macintosh; then film with Pixar; music (iTunes), mobile (iPhone). Now iPad is treated as messiah tablet, savior for publishing industry. Apple still sells computers, but twice as much revenue now comes from music distribution and hand-held devices. Shot past long-time rival Microsoft as world's most valuable tech company in May. Recently dined with Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg, sparking rumors the two may partner on Ping, Apple's new music social networking site. Known for his competitive streak, he dismissed Samsung and Dell's new tablets as "DOA, dead on arrival." Taunted journalists' Dell laptops at October Apple event: "Look at all those fat notebooks."

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