Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grazing Web Browser for iPad Adds Sharing, Ad Blocking, TV Out

The Grazing Web Browser for iPad has been updated with Ad Blocking, Sharing, and TV Out.

Grazing is an alternative web browser for the iPad designed for powerful multitab browsing, flexible searches, and more.

Features include:
- Lots of tabs: Open dozens of tabs, and select and view them from a sidebar, menu, or thumbnail view.
- Thumbpad: Innovative optional Thumbpad lets you open link in the background, switch tabs, and page-up and -down.
- Searches: Easily switch and customize search engines.
- Ad blocking
- TV/video out with supported dock cables
- Sharing: advanced sharing with Facebook, Twitter, ReadItLater, and lots of other services
- and a lot more, including Find-on-Page, search for selected text, and bookmarks.

What's New In This Version:
- Ad Blocking - hostname-based ad blocking to improve performance, reduce memory load, and declutter web pages. Ad blocking can be enabled/disabled in the settings.

- Sharing - Grazing now includes the Sharekit library, which allows advanced sharing with Facebook, Twitter, ReadItLater, Instapaper, and a lot of other services. Sharing can be done from the Action menu or in the context menu for a link.

- TV Out - Web pages will be output automatically when iPad is attached to a monitor or TV.

- Smoother scrolling and overall performance and memory handling improvements.
- Most settings are now accessed from the Actions menu in the application itself (instead of the iPad settings application).
- Memory Warnings can now be disabled from the settings.
- You can now access the Thumbnail View with a 4-finger tap on the web page.
- "New Tab" button added to thumbnail view.
- Tabs for links will open next to their parent tab to preserve context. (This can be disabled with the "Open New Tab Next To Parent Tab" setting.)
- Url scheme "grazing://" will open in Grazing on the iPad. See website for details on an "Open in Grazing" bookmarklet for Safari.
- App Store and iTunes applications can be launched from a contextual button when accessing appropriate sites. (App Store links will no longer throw you to the App Store immediately.)
- Typing immediately after tapping the URL bar will replace the current URL; if you'd like to edit the current URL, tap it a second time.
- Help button added to Action menu.
- Status bar at the bottom of the browser has been replaced with more visible status notifications.

- Touching the status bar should now consistently scroll to the top of the page.
- Email and bookmark features should now react appropriately to certain rotations.
- Assorted bugfixes and housekeeping.

You can purchase Grazing Web Browser from the App Store for $1.99.

*thanks iclarified*

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