Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 2G Using RedSn0w (Windows) [4.1]

These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G on the iOS 4.1 firmware using RedSn0w for Windows. The Mac version of this tutorial can be found on to of homepage.

Step One
Create a folder on your desktop called Pwnage

Download RedSn0w from Here and place it in the Pwnage folder. Likewise, download the latest 4.1 firmware from below and place it in the same folder.

4.1.0 (2G): iPod2,1_4.1_8B117_Restore.ipsw
Extract the redsn0w executable from the RedSn0w zip file and place it in the Pwnage folder.

Step Two
Connect your iPod to the computer and launch iTunes.

Select your iPod from the list of devices on the left. Now hold down Shift and click the Restore button. Restore is preferred as it won't create any wasted space on your iPod.

Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop and select the firmware ipsw. Click the Choose button to continue.

Step Three
Once iTunes has finished updating your iPod to the desired firmware open the Pwnage folder on your desktop and launch the redsn0w application from the redsn0w folder we extracted earlier.

Step Four
Once RedSn0w opens click the Browse button

Step Five
Select the firmware ipsw we placed in the Pwnage folder on our desktop then click Open.

When asked if you have an iPod touch with a serial number that begins with MC. Click the appropriate button. Remember that if you have an iPod whose serial begins with MC you can only perform a tethered jailbreak.

Step Six
Once the firmware has been verified click the Next button to continue.

Step Seven
RedSn0w will now prepare the jailbreak data

Step Eight
From this window you can select the jailbreak options you would like.

Verbose boot displays detailed information on boot of your device and is generally only needed by developers and advanced users.

Make sure Cydia is selected. For this tutorial we will also select Custom boot logo and Custom recovery logo.

When you click to select each custom logo option a dialog window will appear asking you to select the image. Locate the image you would like to use then press the Open button.

*Remember the rules for boot logos are: RGB or Grayscale format with Alpha channel and dimension below 320x480.

RedSn0w has options to Enable multitasking, Enable homescreen wallpaper, and Enable battery percentage. If you do not need multitasking we would recommend deselecting it as it could make your iPod 2G run very slow.

Click the Next button to continue

Step Nine
Please plug your iPod into the computer and make sure its OFF then click the Next button

Step Ten
RedSn0w will now guide you through the steps to get into DFU mode. You can find more help with DFU mode here

Hold down both the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds.

Release the Power button and continue holding the Home button until RedSn0w detects the device.

Step Eleven
Your iPod will now reboot

Step Twelve
RedSn0w will then begin uploading the new RAM Disk and Kernel.

Step Thirteen
Once this is complete you will be notified that RedSn0w is done. Click the Finish button. When your iPod finishes rebooting (5 minutes or so) it will be jailbroken with Cydia on the SpringBoard.

*As usual a big thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team for their hard work and contribution to the iPhone community.

If this tutorial needs to be updated please let us know here

*thanks iclarified*

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- Posted using my iPhone 4


  1. Heeij . . .
    It's a good tutorial, but what should i do if it says: "waiting for reboot" but nothing happenes...?
    I tried all hints like plug it of and then back on again but still, it does not work!!!
    i got an iPod touch 2G with MC

  2. Hi! I'm stuck at step 11. I have been waiting for my ipod to reboot for over an hour now and nothing is happeneing. Can you please help me. ipod 2g 8gig windows 7

  3. I am stuck in the same step as you "samu-soyza"
    Now what do I do? How do i get i out of DFU??

  4. We are working on it now, we will post a fix asap

  5. Here is something a friend tried and worked for them, we are not infront of a computer at the moment and are postage everything from our iPhone, full fixes abd updates will be done later tonight in roughly 4hrs sorry for the inconvenience.

    Here are the steps for a quick fix (worked once for. Friend of ours,
    Step one
    Hold power and home buttons at sane time and wait for apple logo and let go.

    Step two
    If you iPhone is in recovery mode i.e. (iTunes logo and USB cable )
    Try again starting at step six in the tutorial and it should all work, please confirm if this is working woth a reply.

    If this does not help we will have a fix posted later to ight.

  6. It didn't work by me...
    It still gets stuck in "waiting for reboot"

    This is what i did:
    -Put my ipod touch into recovery mode (USB Cabel ans iTunes logo)
    -Then follow the instrucktions of redsn0w

  7. i have the same problem as samu-soyza
    i did get past the rebooting with the home button
    and power button but then it gets stuck on uploading initial exploit once there if i Hold power and home buttons at sane time and wait for apple logo and let go. it will upload the ramdisk or whatever, redsnow will say its done but the ipod will be stuck on itunes logo and usb
    and when i reboot it it will be the same as i started out

  8. Okay, Before I Start, Will This Deleat Anything Off My Ipod Touch?

  9. Yes, you have to update to 4.1 to use this tutorial, unless you are already on 4.1.

    For everyone stuck at step 11
    The only thing that might be wrong is that you don't place the iPod into dfu mode properly.. Try it again.

  10. I think the problem is only occurring with the MC iTouches? At least that's what it looks like. Mine is MC and gets stuck on reboot. I don't think I'll try again until you guys figure something out.

  11. i think it is also the mc models as i jailbroke an mb model just fine and with the mc model i tried like 10 times and it still wont work

  12. Lots of things are still being worked out, hopefully greenpois0n with limera1n exploit will fix everything and be compatible with every 4.1 idevice...

  13. Can i jailbreak my I touch 8Gb late 2009 mc model(is this 2nd or 3nd? 8Gb) with limerain and ist this jailbreak untethered or any other jailbreak (greenp0ison) for this device??? Thx !

  14. i am stuck at "Waiting for reboot" anyone know how long does it take to get pass that part?

  15. ok i have a mb ipod touch 2g and it keeps getting stuck on uploading ramdisk. i followed the instructions and have used other jailbreaks before.

  16. Mine is stuck and says, right when I start, Unable to Recognize Specified IPSW. How do I fix that

  17. hey... my itouch 2g mc version stucks at "waiting for reboot" at the first time... well, i've done this by getting into recovery mode...but then it stucks at the second "waiting for reboot"... the itouch starts but redsnow stucks there. I've tried to get into the recovery mode again and the jailbreak finished, but the itouch stucks in recovery mode.

    help, please ;)

  18. and.. uhm.. when i try to restart my itouch 2g it does but there isn't any app like cydia or so


  19. Cant Even Open the the website when i click download redsnow here, ??

  20. Guys it works. it freaking works. there's nothing wrong with the instructions. all you need to do is run as admin if your on windows 7 or windows vista. It clearly works for me by following the instruction. all you need to do on the first step is just run it as admin =D. Cheers and enjoy.




  22. @Syed: are you running win7 64bit and jailbreaking a MC model 2nd Gen iPod touch?

  23. for all of those of you who are stuck at the "ipod rebooting part" u didn't hold the buttons down for long enough and that messes up the jailbreak, hold the last button in the DFU part for the full 30 seconds... or until the screen goes white for the second time...that should fix it!

  24. hey can someone email me when the update to the fix because my ipod touch gets stuck at step 11

  25. i will pay someone a few bucks on paypal if they walk me thru and get me the red snow file needed to download..

    i got a 2g gen 8gb that i need to downgrade to 4.0 or 3.x

    email me @

  26. There is no need for that, greenpois0n has been updated with iPod 2g support...

  27. First, thank you IP3 for helping.
    I have a 2G Ipod Touch that currently runs 3.2.1 (jailbreaked with blackra1n). I would like to make an update to 4.1. I would like to use the following method and I would like you to tell me if it's wrong or not.
    Connect my Ipod to iTunes and click 'Update'. After that, I would download greenpoison from and use this tutorial: . Is there something wrong? (You said that greenpoison has been updated with ipod 2g support). Thank you!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Yes, that's correct, and if you don't mind please visit our forum and register.. Hope all goes well...

  30. It's working. I have just jailbreaked my ipod touch 2G and it works. I did it with greenpoison. All you need to do is here >>>>><<<<<.
    Thanks IP3 for support! 4.1 is beautiful.
    I did register on your forum. :D
    Thanx again

  31. we have greenpois0n tutorials on our site, GreenPois0n tutorial

  32. Hi, I am a windows user, and when I go to download Readsn0w at step 1, the link appears to be broken... Please fix this problem so that I can actually jailbreak my iPod Touch.
    I will be checking the blogs and waiting for a solution. Thanks...

  33. Huge thanks, I tried lots of different ways to jailbreak that never worked, and this one went perfectly!

  34. hey when i try to download redsnow to the Pwnage file it says 404 not found

  35. Hey. OK my iPod is stuck in Recovery mode. When I try to restore it back to firmware 2.2.1 iTunes always displays a message saying something like iTunes cannot Restore this device. It gives me the error code 1611 but IDK how to fix it. And then another message pops up during the Restoration about AppleMobileDeviceService.exe. If someone could send me a copy of that file I think that's what's causing all this. It's located here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe

  36. I want to know if there's anyone that was able to jailbreak this with an iPT 2g MC Model. As of now I believe the 4.1 MC Models can not be jailbroken, and the tutorial should get rid of MC capable for the 2g. Again, I'm only asking if you have an iPod Touch 2g MC that you were able to jailbreak, NOTHING else.

  37. Never mind, greenpois0n works.