Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to Jailbreak Your iPad Using Limera1n (Windows)

These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPad using Limera1n for Windows.

Step One
Open your web browser of choice and navigate to Click the Download for Windows link at the bottom of the screen.

Step Two
When prompted save the download to your desktop

Step Three
Double click the limera1n.exe file from the desktop to launch the application

Step Four
Click the large make it ra1n button

Step Five
You iPad will now be placed in recovery mode.

Press both the power and the home buttons.

When Limera1n asks you to, release the power button.

Your phone will now be in DFU mode

As limera1n performs its exploit you will see the image of a lime raindrop on your iPad.

Limera1n will let you know when it is complete.

Step Six
After you power back on your iPad you will see a new icon on the SpringBoard entitled limera1n. Press it to continue.

Step Seven
Once Limera1n opens select Cydia then press the Install button at the top right of the screen.

Step Eight
Once the Cydia installation has completed you must reboot your iPad.

Step Nine
When your iPad has restarted you can run Cydia. Let it do all the necessary updates.

NOTE*: To remove the limera1n icon from your desktop you can install CyDelete from Cydia then use it to delete the application. Eventually this capability should be present in limera1n itself.

***A big thanks goes everyone who made this jailbreak possible.

If this tutorial needs to be updated please let us know here

*thanks iclarified*

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- Posted using my iPhone 4


  1. Not working no logo pops up. Also states all good but no lime app either

  2. Lots of thing are still being worked out, hefully greenpois0n with limerain exploit will fix these problems and work for every idevice

  3. Try the latest download of limera1n or try greenpois0n our tutorial is up and it seems to be more stable..

  4. thanks for reply, i done it with my iphone 4 but ipad still with no icon even show jailbreak done on PC screen

  5. It didnt work on my ipad... do you know why? A Friend of mine told me that the latest firmware is not limerainable... is it true?

  6. It is made for 3.2.2 on iPad for anything under you can use try restarting your iPad

  7. hey i cant seem to sync the downloaded apps from itunes to my ipad. any idea what i can do?

  8. Not working on my new ipad. Now after i did it it froze and even itune can't restore it to factory setting :(

  9. Didnt work for Ipad 4.2.1.