Friday, October 1, 2010

GoodReader for iPad Gets Major Update

GoodReader for iPad has received a major update bringing PDF annotations and much more.

Congratulations! You've found the one and only Good Reader app for iPad! If you need to read huge PDF, or TXT files, you've come to the right place.

PDF Annotations, Markup & Highlighting is also our strength. Sticky notes, lines, arrows, freehand drawings on top of a PDF file - you name it. And the best part is that all annotations become a part of a PDF file itself - email it to your colleague, and she will see all your notes and drawings on a desktop computer, in a common PDF reading program.

What's New In This Version:
Major update introducing major new feature - PDF Annotations, including notes, highlights, markups and drawings:
- all annotations that you create or edit in GoodReader - notes, highlights, markups, and drawings - are saved in a PDF file, so you will be able to see them later on a computer or in another copy of GoodReader on your colleague's device
- all notes, highlights, markups, and drawings created outside GoodReader, and properly stored in a PDF file, can be viewed or edited in GoodReader
- types of annotations that you can create and edit in GoodReader: comments ('sticky notes') with 7 different icons, text highlights, freehand drawings, lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, text underlines, text deletion marks (strikeouts), text insertion marks, text replacement marks. You can freely adjust color of all of the above.
- other types of annotations that you can view in GoodReader: text boxes with callouts, polygons and polylines, squiggly underlines, cloudy shapes, rubber stamps, file attachments. All annotations that can be viewed, can also be deleted. In addition, some of them can be edited in a limited fashion (color, placement, scale).
- you can now extract files from PDF file attachments

- two main gestures that you should use to work with annotations - single tap, and 'tap & hold'. Depending on where you tap (on a text, on an existing annotation, or on a free space on a page), different menus will be presented to you.

Other important improvements and new features:
- now you can select text directly on a PDF page. Tap on a text and hold your finger for a while. You can then copy it to the clipboard, or create markups for it (highlights, underlines, strikeouts, etc.)
- certain not very large files were known to consistently crash GoodReader (as well as other PDF reader apps) for no apparent reason. This was the issue with iOS 3.x. We have resolved this issue. It shouldn't be a problem now, even if you're still on iOS 3.x (this one is for you, Linux Journal readers :-)
- now we can hide PDF watermarks (adjustable option in settings)
- certain button images in place of PDF links that were not shown before, are now shown correctly

And some other nice things:
- you can now choose which minimum zoom ratio you prefer for PDF pages - 'fit to screen' or 'fit to width' (an option in settings)
- we have lifted the limitation for a size of files being extracted from PDF Portfolios. Now we're able to extract files of any size. Just make sure that you have enough of free disk space!
- now when you copy a file to the same location as the original, a copy is created. Very handy if you want to annotate a PDF file, but also want to leave the original file unchanged.
- a workaround for the issue when WiFi was conflicting with Bluetooth (slow WiFi connection, occasional WiFi signal drops when Bluetooth switch is on, etc.) was finally found. Now there should be no conflict between WiFi and Bluetooth when working in GoodReader.

You can purchase GoodReader for iPad from the App Store for $0.99.

*thanks iclarified*

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