Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DunRight Software Readies List Central

DunRight Software has announced it has submitted their premier iOS application, List Central, to the iTunes App Store for approval. List Central is a list organizer and information manager that allows users to rapidly enter list items in succession. Users can organize a wealth of information related to each item including unlimited notes, bookmarks and photos for quick and easy access.

List Central can be used to create a variety of lists such as to do lists, shopping lists, lists of favorite movies, actors, sports teams, musicians and vacation destinations to name a few. List Central lets people enter several items for a list very quickly and easily, without having to go back and forth between screens. The list items are automatically numbered as they are entered. List Central comes with over 700 high resolution icons that support the retina display.

With List Central, lists can be created from one of 10 available types - Quick ToDo, People, Groups, Places, Things, Events, Inventory, Someday, Things To Buy, and Achievements. Depending on the list type, information such as priority, rating, due date, target price, quantity and location can be entered. Lists can be sorted, for example, by rating or priority and then re-numbered automatically as desired.

However, List Central is more than a simple listing application. A comprehensive assortment of information can be organized around a list and its list items. For example, a user can create a list of new cars to research. A variety of notes can be made such as showroom visits, test drives and the like. Any number of bookmarks can be established including the vehicle's official web page, third party/user reviews, pricing information, photo galleries, videos, dealer websites, auto industry sites and more. Pictures of the vehicle can be linked from the Photo Library as well. Other examples might include a list of vacation destinations, favorite sports teams or movies to see, with information similarly organized and made instantly available.

Please visit DunRight Software LLC for more information about List Central and DunRight Software. An introductory video will be soon be available showing List Central in action. List Central will initially be available for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or higher.

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