Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Compilation of MacBook Air Reviews

Interested in purchasing the new MacBook Air? Here is compilation of reviews from around the net.

I really like the form factor of the 11-inch MacBook Air. It's great to carry around. It's like an iPad for people who have to get real work done. I just wish it was faster. If Intel made a 32nm Core 2 Duo, clocked high enough the 11 would be perfect. I guess that’s what Atom is eventually supposed to be, but right now the performance is just too low. Intel appears to have been too conservative with Atom. Perhaps Bobcat and ARM’s Cortex A15 will light a fire under Intel's Atom team.

Make no mistake about it, the new MacBook Airs are very good laptops. What they lack in speed and power, they make up for in build quality and big time battery life. Add to that gorgeous displays, solid state storage, and the unquestionably stable OS X, and the concoction makes for a nearly irresistible offering... provided you've got the cash.

It feels like, with these new 11- and 13-inch laptops, the MacBook Air product line has finally come of age. The 13-inch model addresses many of the old Air’s weaknesses (graphics performance, battery life) and offers speeds that aren’t far off the standard of the MacBook Pro line. And yet the 13-inch MacBook Air weighs 1.6 pounds less than what the 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs. Yes, the MacBook Air still costs more and does less than other 13-inch Apple laptops; if weight and size are not important considerations for you, you shouldn’t buy a MacBook Air. But if, all other things being (roughly) equal, you’d prefer a lighter laptop, the MacBook Air deserves your serious consideration.

Cult of Mac
Jobs is right. This machine is suitable for a wide swath of Apple’s customers. In 2008, the first MacBook Air was a high-design machine aimed at a narrow slice of the market. It was style over substance — a machine for reception desks at art galleries. But the new Air is a mainstream machine. It’s suitable for students to take to classes all day, or a businessperson attending a week-long conference. For an information worker like me, it could be a main work machine. I can run my business on this.

For our money, the 11-inch MacBook Air is just about spot-on. A better processor would be great, as would a backlit keyboard and more battery life, but these aren't deal killers unless the 13-inch Air isn't an option. At this size, weight and level of comfort, the Air can win simply because it's the system you'd most want to carry with you. It's also arguably the true speed leader in the category. Even with a Core 2 Duo, the new MacBook Air can run rings around other CULV models through the faster graphics and the instant responsiveness of the SSD. It's not quite the future of notebooks, but it's definitely headed in the right direction.

Rest assured that despite its size, the Apple MacBook Air (11-inch) is not a netbook. It will share the spotlight with the 13-inch MacBook Air as two of the prettiest, and certainly thinnest, laptops ever made. However, the stratospheric standards that Apple places on aesthetics comes at the cost of features, speed, and battery life—all three areas where the 11-inch MacBook Air trailed rather than led.

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