Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Updates Aperture to 3.1 Adding iLife '11 Compatibility and Bug Fixes

Apple pushed up Aperture 3.1 today which included a handful of bug fixes and added support for iLife '11. The full list of fixes are listed below.

Aperture 3.1 Release Notes
• This update improves overall stability and performance, and addresses compatibility with iLife '11. It also includes a number of specific fixes in the following areas:
• Improves performance when opening large libraries.
• Fixes an issue that could prevent thumbnails from being properly rendered when reprocessing masters.
• Addresses reliability and performance issues when running Repair Database and Rebuild Database operations in Aperture Library First Aid.
• Improves reliability of upgrading libraries with images containing Spot & Patch adjustments.
• Improves accuracy of the progress bars displayed when updating Vaults.
• Adjustments
• Addresses performance issues when exporting heavily-adjusted images, particularly those with Highlights & Shadows, Definition, Noise Reduction, Edge Sharpen, Sharpen, Skin Smoothing, or Blur.
• Addresses performance when using Core Image filters such as Curves, Levels, and Highlights & Shadows.
• Eliminates black “halos” that could appear in areas of extreme luminance in scaled images in the Viewer.
• Addresses quality issues with Red Eye correction.
• Fixes an issue in the Adjustment Presets editor that could cause the names of adjustments within a preset to temporarily appear blank.
• Addresses performance issues with using the Straighten tool on adjusted images.
• Straighten grid now appears correctly after applying and resetting a crop.
• Fixes issues that could cause Aperture to stop responding or quit unexpectedly when processing an image with Sharpen applied.
• Addresses an issue that could reduce image quality on straightened photos.
• Fixes an issue that could prevent data from being properly entered into numeric fields in the Adjustments HUD.
• Addresses an issue that sometimes prevented the correct cursor from appearing after choosing a Quick Brush
• Fixes a problem that caused the Master Aspect Ratio setting to fail if used in combination with the "create new versions when making adjustments" preference.
• Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding when making adjustments to images in a stack if the “create new versions when making adjustments” option was chosen.
• Thumbnails and previews now display correctly for images that are flipped and rotated.
• When reprocessing masters, Aperture now displays a progress bar with a count indicating the number of images remaining to be processed.
• Addresses performances issues when zooming images to 100%.
• Fixes an issue that could cause some file tiles to be rotated incorrectly.
• Addresses performance issues when loading thumbnails in Faces view.
• Improves reliability of face detection and naming when working with RAW+JPEG pairs.
• Addresses an issue that could result in “blank” face thumbnails in Faces view.
• When in Confirm Faces mode, the contextual menu now correctly includes the “Not a face” option.
• The Confirm Faces mode can now be updated and refreshed by holding down the Option key while clicking the Done button.
• Dragging multiple snapshots on the Faces corkboard now correctly moves all the selected snapshots.
• The “include face info in exported photos” option now exports Face names as keywords when exporting masters, writing IPTC to masters, or exporting metadata.
• Fixes an issue that caused the wrong color profile to be used when previewing an image using the Loupe in the Print dialog.
• Addresses an issue that could cause a thin black line to appear on the top edge of some prints.
• Addresses an issue that could cause photo effects applied to images in slideshows to persist even after being removed.
• When exporting a slideshow, the Custom option now includes a Quality pop-up menu in order to control compression quality/size of resulting H.264 or MPEG-4 files.
• Fixes a problem that could cause the audio browser to display improperly when creating a slideshow.
• Slideshows can now be exported using presets for compatibility with Apple TV and iPad.
• Fixes an issue that could produce incorrect results when the start and end positions of a Ken Burns setting were swapped in the slideshow editor.
• Adding an inset to a photo in a Classic and Ken Burns slideshow no longer changes the width of a border applied to the same photo.
• Choosing "Fit Selected Slides to Main Audio Track" no longer unnecessarily reduces the length of video clips contained within the slideshow.
• Deselecting the custom duration set for a select slide by deselecting the “Play slide for” checkbox now correctly returns the slide’s duration to its default value.
• Fixes an issue that could produce inaccurate results when assigning photos to a GPS track path.
• Metadata Inspector can now display GPS Direction if this data is available in geotagged photos.
• Addresses an issue that could prevent imported track paths from appearing in the Tracks & Waypoints menu after restarting the application.
• The Keyword HUD now displays a count for the number of times each keyword has been used in a library.
• Fixes an issue that could cause duplicate keywords to appear after merging a library.
• Fixes an issue that could prevent photos with an IPTC Subject Code to export correctly when exporting masters with the “Create IPTC4XMP Sidecar File" option enabled.
• Fixes an issue that caused Longitude data to export incorrectly when using the Export > Metadata command.
• The Date Created field in IPTC Core can now be activated and set by simply clicking in the field.
• Auto-complete of contact info in IPTC Contact fields can now be enabled or disabled in Preferences.
• Metadata Inspector now includes a Sharing view which logs when each photo is published to MobileMe, Facebook, or Flickr.
• The application now displays a progress dialog when opening or switching between libraries.
• Fixes an issue that disabled browser scrolling when in Split View with sort and filter controls hidden.
• Addresses quality issues in connection with rendering of images scaled to below 100% in the Viewer.
• Fixes an issue that could cause the "Loading" indicator in the Viewer to disappear before images were actually loaded.
• Activity window can now be opened by pressing Command-Shift-0 (zero).
• Photos displayed in the iLife Media Browser on Mac OS X v10.6.x Snow Leopard now retain their sort order from Aperture.
• Photos synced to iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV are now sorted in date order by default.
• Addresses issues to improve performance when searching libraries containing a large number of keywords.
• File Type query now correctly supports search for RAW+JPEG.
• Fixes an issue that could prevent all photos and videos from loading in the Import window when importing from iPhone or iPad.
• Duplicate detection now correctly works with imported audio and video files.
• Images in BMP format can now be imported.
• Aperture now correctly rotates square images cropped in-camera from Olympus E-P1 and E-P2 models when imported.
• Images captured during a tethered session no longer appear in the Import window, unless they are actually stored on the camera's memory card.
• Fixes an issue that caused a "Missing" badge to temporarily appear on some images imported via tethering.
• Addresses an issue that disabled tethered capture via FireWire on Snow Leopard.
iPhoto Import
• Images from an iPhoto library that are imported as referenced files can now be correctly accessed and relinked using the Locate Referenced Files command.
• Smart Albums created using Faces in an iPhoto 8 library are now correctly displayed when imported into Aperture.
• Portrait-oriented photos contained in an iPhoto 8 library are now correctly rotated when the library is imported into Aperture.
• Photos marked as “hidden” in an iPhoto 8 library are now imported with a “rejected” tag when the library is imported into Aperture.
• Fixes an issue that could cause images exported as TIFFs to have an incorrect dpi setting.
• Addresses issues that could slow performance when exporting a large number of projects as a new library.
• Fixes an issue that could cause the "Consolidate masters into exported library" option to not complete when exporting projects to a new library.
• Exported libraries now correctly include all pre-defined Library Smart Albums such as “★ ★ ★ ★ ★” and “★ or better.”
Web sharing
• Improves memory management when publishing to MobileMe.
• Supports multiple MobileMe, Facebook, and Flickr accounts for compatibility with iLife ’11.
• Enables publishing to Facebook Wall and Flickr Photostream.
• MobileMe, Facebook, and Flickr accounts can now be individually enabled or disabled in each Aperture Library.
• Photos downloaded from MobileMe albums are now copied when imported into Aperture projects.
• When Aperture attempts to open an unsupported video format, it now correctly prompts you to open the file using QuickTime via Finder.
• Fixes an issue that could cause videos to flicker when multiple videos were selected in the Viewer.
• Improves scaling of images when photos placed in book layouts have an effective resolution of 110 dpi or less.
• Addresses an issue that could cause export plug-ins to use the wrong Aperture export preset when exporting files.

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