Thursday, October 28, 2010

11-inch MacBook Air Can Stay in Your Bag Through Airport Security

The 11-inch MacBook Air can remain in your bag when going through airport security, a Transportation Security Administration spokesman told CNN.

As gadget-toting flyers know, TSA officials require that laptops and larger electronics, such as Xbox or Wii game systems, be removed from luggage and passed through X-ray machines separately. Security-checkpoint employees are trained to identify what basic electronic gadgets' innards are supposed to look like in an X-ray image. For larger hardware, the TSA requires a clear shot to make inspecting the complex parts inside easier.

This is definitely great news for travelers. If only Apple had included a micro-SIM card slot, everything would have been perfect!

*thanks iclarified*

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1 comment:

  1. Seriously, that's a nice thought and all, but as any frequent flier can tell you, good luck with getting the TSA to recognize an 11" MacBook Air from any other netbook. It's just not going to be enforced that way, and you're going to have to remove your laptop or have it in a TSA-approved case. And if you argue with the TSA person who tells you take it out of your bag, they'll not-so-politely remind you that the person on duty has the final say as to what are the rules.