Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vizros Software Releases Palm Lab 1.1

Vizros Software has announced the release of Palm Lab 1.1, an update to their personal photo processing facility for iPhone and iPod touch. With Palm Lab, users can load a photo into the developing tank, and watch the film gradually develop into a masterpiece art in the water as he is immersed in the ambient sound of a photo lab. In just a few seconds, the picture is ready and can be saved or shared with others.

Feature highlights:
* Dynamic waters simulation, touch reactive. User can stir the water and that will speed up the developing process
* Multistage developing. User can watch the development evolving into different stages before achieving the final effect
* Process control. User can watch the progress on a ticking stopwatch or drag the watch arm to fast forward or rewind the development. User can also press the "Stop" button to pause the process
* More than twenty processing chemicals. User can use them to turn his pictures into old photos, canvas painting, or halftones, make fantastic hot-mix, x ray, or negative effects, or even add rain, snow, rainbow, or fog to the images. Other effects include sepia, emboss, puzzle, blur, etc.
* Sharing. User can send the final images by email or upload them to Facebook or Twitter
* Laboratory sound effects
* In-App help

Pricing and Availability:
Palm Lab 1.1 is available now for purchase at a price of $1.99 (USD), distributed exclusively through Apple's App Store in the Photography category. Review copies are available to the media upon request.

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