Thursday, September 30, 2010

Universal App for Fast Gaming Challenge

Announcing Quantum Clockwork has launched Morris a new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The universally developed application offers users the classic medieval board games of 9, 11 and 12 Men's Morris recreated for iOS devices, taking advantage of smart phone technology and retina displays to provide users with quick, intensely challenging games, amazing high resolution graphics and iOS4 fast-switching. Morris is a fun and feature-rich app, meant to be played whenever a user has a few minutes to spare.

Quantum Clockwork developers have taken a collection of three classic medieval board games, revamped them for modern usage and are now releasing them in a new product under the name, Morris.

The Morris app offers users their choice of playing 9 Men's Morris, 11 Men's Morris and 12 Men's Morris. All of the games feature different levels of difficulty, yet have been designed to be played anytime that a user has a few minutes to spare, such as when waiting for an appointment or bus.

This app is universal, meaning it performs as well on an iPad as it does on an iPhone or iPod touch.

Developers have taken advantage of smart phone technology and recently developed retina displays to incorporate iOS4 fast-switching and amazingly beautiful, high resolution game boards and pieces. Morris is a feature-rich application, offering unlimited move undos, one and two player mode option and the ability to disable the flying rule that some users prefer playing without.

Users who download Morris have access to the following features:
* Universal app works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Quick! - play a brain-challenging game in just a few minutes
* Exercises the brain and teaches new skills
* Amazing, high resolution graphics for iPad and iPhone4
* 10 AI difficulty levels to challenge everyone
* Lots of different boards and piece sets
* One or two player mode
* Unlimited undo
* The 'flying rule' can be disabled
* iOS4 fast switching - flip to another application in the blink of an eye

While Morris can be played by kids and adults alike, each increasingly difficult level offers brain exercising challenge and fun. All in only a few minutes.

Pricing and Availability:
Morris 1.0.0 is only $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

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