Sunday, September 12, 2010

SBSchedule Now Offers iOS 4 Support

SBSchedule has been updated and now offers iOS 4 support as well as control over your system and ringtone volume settings.

SBSchedule allows you to create profile groups of various settings for your device, and set them to launch at predefined times, or quickly and easily via any app using an activator shortcut.

You can make groups for your brightness, system volume, ringtone volume, respring, and by harnessing SBSettings power, it can also control almost any aspect of your device: 3G, GPS, SSH, Bluetooth, Data, Phone, WiFi, Syslog, Notifications, ActiveSync and more…

Example Usage
● Turn battery hogging features off when you don’t need them, and turn them on when you do.
● Turn your device into an alarm clock with your iPod music player and library.
● Mute your phone when you go to sleep.
● Change your brightness according to a given time of day.

● You can use this app to make your ipod an alarm clock, by installing the “ipod widget” from cydia.
● Set your activator shortcut for SBSchedule to quickly and easily launch your profiles from within any app.

*thanks iclarified*

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