Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Powerful and Easy-To-Use Calorie Burner Tracker

A young and passionate iPhone developer company, ivoxBytes has launched a health and fitness product in the market called StepMeter PRO version 1.0. This product utilizes the famous build-in accelerometer. Users are able to measure and set steps target to be taken daily and conveniently know their accomplishments on calarie burnt immediately. The app promotes health, fitness and effortless counting on steps and enjoyable for everyone.

The StepMeter PRO is very effective app where it is capable to track down the calorie burnt by walking, running or doing your treadmill as this app can works in any direction. The app will smartly show users the amount of progress that has been done for the day. It will also show the counts of steps, the distance or miles that the user has gone, the workout time and the calorie that was being burned, which mostly what everybody would love to know! Functions are just simply easy to use where you just need to click the Go button and you can start to measure your steps and calorie burnt. Clicking Reset button would come back to Zero where you can start your counters all over again.

Founder of ivoxBytes, Justin Tew says, "Generally, a lot of people are aware that walking each day has health benefits. Nevertheless, a lot people has walk lesser each day as they travel in their vehicle to work and when they arrived to their office, the most common thing that people would do is sitting down in front of their computer or laptops. This app is designed to encourage people to exercise more by walking or jogging. It also encourages people to use their vehicles less and traveling in more substantial ways where it's not only benefiting the user, the other advantages where you can get is also cutting down pollution as well as social benefits. Users can set daily, weekly or monthly targets gradually on the steps to be taken as you would be able to enter the number of steps that you desired and app comes with a Steps Alarm feature where it will trigger the alarm when the steps have been achieved."

Most often, people will start to be discouraged after certain of time when doing an activity or exercise alone. The amazing thing about this app is it allows users to share or publish their accomplishment to all their friends in Facebook by one click on the Facebook Share button. This would introduce a healthy fun challenge and inspire user's friend to join and giving support to each other regardless of where the friends are.

Support iPhone/iPod touch with build-in accelerometer. This app has been tested thoroughly in an 8GB 2nd Gen. iPod and iPhone 3G (iOS 4.1 tested).

* Works in any direction
* Data are all saved in device
* Smart step monitor mode
* Steps calibration
* US Units / Metrics support
* Sensitivity Adjustment
* Preset sensitivity and manual set
* Share your exercise details on Facebook

Quick guide:
1. Calibrate the app by going to setup and adjust the sensitivity.
2. Tap Go button to smart monitoring steps (walk / run).
3. Put iPhone / iPod touch in your pocket and start walk / run.

Pricing and Availability:
StepMeter PRO 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

*thanks iclarified*

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