Friday, September 10, 2010

Over 400 Formulas for Builders Optimized for iPad

&offeridMultiEducator has announced Builder Pro 2.0 for iOS, the latest version of their reference, formula, and calculation app for builders. Builder Pro includes over 400 formulas used by builders, and includes the complete International Building Code 2006 (to be updated at the end of 2010), the complete International Plumbing Code, the complete International Mechanical Code, and half the Americans with Disabilities Act Codes and Drawings, and half of the National Electric Codes and Drawings. The International codes have been adopted by most states in the US and many places worldwide. Over the coming months Builder Pro will be expanded to include the whole codes as well as Plumbing, Fire, and Elevator Codes. When the codes are all completed the price of Builder Pro will go up; however, all version 2.0 users will receive free upgrades.

Optimized for full screen display on the iPad, Builder Pro provides an easy way for the user to quickly find what they may need. Fully searchable by key word(s), pages can be marked or saved as favorites, and recent pages are listed. The app includes over 400 formulas, plus hundreds of charts, drawings, tables, and calculation templates which perform all the math necessary based on values entered. MultiEducator has specifically designed the app to be easily expanded and updated, with new content released monthly. Included are more than 25 sections:

Main Sections:
* International Building Code - 35 Chapters with over 100 pages
* Americans with Disabilities Act Codes & Drawings, including ADA 2008 Amendments
* International Mechanical Code - with complete definitions, rules, and specs
* National Electrical Code (first half; second half available soon)
* Building Charts and Tables- Occupancy, Egress, Doors, Aisles, Building Heights, etc.
* HVAC Charts - Ductwork, Pumps, Energy Values, Humidity, Air Change, etc.
* Electrical Charts and Tables - Wire Size, Wire Gauge, Load, Voltage Drop, etc.
* International Plumbing Code - 16 Chapters plus Appendices, over 200 pages
* Plumbing Charts and Tables- derived from the International Plumbing Code
* Plumbing Drawings - derived from the International Plumbing Code
* Financial Calculations - derived from the International Plumbing Code
* Concrete & Excavating - Coverage, Bricks, Slabs, Aggregates, Sidewalks, etc.
* Costs Formulas - derived from the International Building Code
* Materials Needed Formulas - derived from the International Building Code
* Building Code Formulas - Code Calculation, Fire Resistance, Allowed Loads, etc.
* Acoustical Formulas - Absorption, Reverberation, Volume, Surface Area, etc.
* Boiler Formulas and Drawings - 15 chapters on boiler operation and steam flow
* Condensation Formulas - Vapor Diffusion, Vapor Resistance, and Water Drainage
* Carpentry Formulas - Loads, Lumber, Joists, Sheet Rock, Roofing, Stairs, etc.
* Electrical Formulas - Batteries, AC/DC, Generators, Impedance, Motors, Wiring, etc.
* Piping Formulas - 20 chapters including Weight, Pressure, Expansion, Sizing, etc.
* HVAC Formulas - Refrigeration, Steam, Temperature, Heating Design, etc.
* Plumbing Formulas - Pumps, Water Heaters, Water Flow, Water Temperature, etc.
* Material Weights - tables pound/cubic ft., pounds/cubic yd., tons/cubic yd., etc.
* Area Formulas - Area, Surface Area, Volume, Perimeters, Circumference, etc.
* Conversion Formulas - over 200 formulas including Flows, HVAC, Power, BTUs, etc.

Version 2.0 of MultiEducator's Builder Pro adds native iPad support, allowing much more convenient operation on a larger touchscreen. Also new is: the completion of the International Building Code with 23 new chapters and 140 additional charts; completion of the International Plumbing Code with an additional 10 chapters and 60 charts; four more sections of the Electrical Code with 40 more charts; and a new Conversions section with an additional 60 conversion formulas.

"Our iOS Formulator Series for building professionals now contains 25 different apps," commented company President Marc Schulman. "Builder Pro 2.0 is a compendium of our four most popular: Carpentry Pro, Electrical Pro, Plumbing Pro, and HVAC Pro, making it a real value."

Pricing and Availability:
Builder Pro 2.0 is $17.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Review copies are available upon request.

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