Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nokia Attacks Apple at Nokia World

Nokia VP Niklas Savander used much of his presentation at Nokia World to criticize Apple, downplay Google and quote questionable sales figures, according to an Electronista report.

Savander said 260,000 Nokia phones were purchased each day during the summer, more than "Apple and Android combined". Google activates 200,000 new devices a day and Apple activates 230,000 iOS devices a day. It should be clear that this claim is inaccurate, even after pulling out iPods and iPads.

Savander also accused Apple's Scott Forstall of copying Nokia's "connecting people" slogan in the iPhone 4 video saying that it wasn't just a "feel-good tagline" for his company but "our mission, our passion." He continued to state that the N8 and other smartphones would always perform "no matter how you hold them."

Electronista notes that Savander also insisted that Ovi Maps trumped Google Maps Navigation for GPS services because of its offline map caching and turn-by-turn walking navigation, not having realized that this feature was announced last week for Android.

"Nokia’s going through a tough, challenging transition and we have a lot more work to do," he said. "But we have laid the foundation for success. I recognize that we haven’t been as competitive as we want to be in smartphones. Well, that’s about to change. Today, we shift in to high gear in Nokia’s fightback in smartphone leadership."

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