Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets

newPCgadgets has just introduced the Smartphone Stand. This new stand is perfect for businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars or anywhere else people gather with their phones. The Smartphone Stand holds most cell phones and Smartphone's; including the popular iPhone, Droid, HTC EVO, BlackBerry and dozens more. Fewer of your customers will misplace or forget their phones because they are now in plain view.

Business owners can now provide their customers with a convenient stand to hold their Smartphone's at a comfortable viewing angle. Parents can use the Smartphone Stand to entertain their children with games or movies; professionals attending a business lunch or dinner will love the ability to view text messages and incoming calls faster. Anyone with a phone will benefit from the new Smartphone Stand.

The stainless steel construction ensures a durable product that is easy to clean and long-lasting. The stackable space-saving design allows you to place as many as you like at each table or workspace without taking up much space. Best of all, the price is very affordable. Prices are as low as $2.19 in quantity. Also, as a unique signage opportunity, private labeling is available in larger quantity orders.

Give your business, school, restaurant or hotel the competitive edge by providing your customers with the new Smartphone Stand from newPCgadgets. Additional details and ordering information are available directly from newPCgadgets.

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