Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lock & Load Express for Final Cut Express

CoreMelt has announced the release of Lock & Load Express, a powerful addition to its line of intuitive video effects software tools.

Lock & Load Express is based on CoreMelt's popular image stabilization and rolling shutter reduction software application - Lock & Load X - considered one of the fastest video stabilizers available on the Mac platform, offering advanced tracking features and CMOS rolling shutter reduction for compositors and editors working in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Motion. Lock & Load Express harnesses much of the key functionality found in Lock & Load X, including rolling shutter reduction, but in a simplified version that caters primarily to videographers and prosumers using DSLR cameras and working on Apple's entry level Final Cut Express editing software.

Bolton notes that while Lock & Load X has gained considerable praise as a tool to improve video quality for users on higher end editing software applications, there are videographers utilizing DSLR and CMOS sensor based cameras running on Final Cut Express, which does not have a built-in image stabilizer (Lock & Load Express is currently the only stabilizer designed for Final Cut Express), who do not need access to every control in processing their footage, but need a reliable tool to stabilize footage featuring rolling shutter artifacts at a lower price point.

"CoreMelt is excited to introduce Lock & Load Express, a trimmed down version of our blazingly fast Lock & Load X tracking stabilizer software developed specifically to tackle real world production problems that videographers encounter when shooting on DSLR cameras inside Final Cut Pro Express; itself a powerful application," says Bolton. "With today's addition to our software plug-in lineup, editors and compositors at every professional level will have increased freedom to work on their editing platform of choice to tackle stabilization and rolling shutter issues for virtually any workflow and unleash their personal creativity."

Bolton adds, "Lock & Load Express addresses the everyday challenges facing videographers - especially event videographers that shoot on DSLR cameras - to give hand held footage a professionally shot Steady Cam quality instantly without the need to set tracking points. Using the rolling shutter reduction functionality in our Lock & Load Express software helps lessen image distortions and lets digital content creators get on with business of creating and meeting tight deadlines."

Key Highlights of Lock & Load Express:

Lock & Load Express enables customers to achieve the highest-quality image stabilization and rolling shutter reduction features working on Final Cut Express including:
* Speed - Lock & Load Express tracks up to 12 times faster than Final Cut Pro's built in stabilizer.
* Background Tracking - Allows users to work on the rest of a project while tracking for improved productivity and greater precision.
* Streamlined workflow - Features like in/out point analysis, and rotation and zoom smoothing help simplify workflow and keep projects on deadline.
* Intuitive - Lock & Load Express is based on the powerful Lock & Load X software architecture known for its ease-of-use and simplified interface for better quality results. Running inside Final Cut Express the software offers editors and compositors a proven solution for limiting rolling shutter artifacts and image distortion even on shots with complex rotation or poorly defined background.

Briefing Opportunities:
CoreMelt will host a live Webinar on Thursday, September 16th open to the press to provide an overview of the features and power behind CoreMelt's Lock & Load products. The Webinar will take place at 10am (PST)/1pm (EST)/7:00 p.m. (Europe Time). Please contact Vicky Gray-Clark, Ambient PR, 408-243-8880 or Ray Ecke, Right Word Media, 973-726-3797 with interest. One-on-one briefings are also available upon request.

CoreMelt's new Lock & Load Express plug-in has been expressly designed for and is the only one available to reduce rolling shutter for videographers using DSLR cameras and editing on Final Cut Express. Founder, director and lead product designer Roger Bolton is a visual effects veteran whose credits include "Lord of the Rings," "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and whose vision is to develop the fastest and most intuitive visual effects plug-ins possible.

Pricing and Availability:
Lock & Load Express is available now for $79.00 (USD) from CoreMelt and its authorized dealers. CoreMelt products are available worldwide through the internet and resellers in the US, UK, Taiwan and Japan.

Lock & Load Express harnesses much of the key functionality found in Lock & Load X, including rolling shutter reduction, but in a simplified version that caters primarily to videographers and prosumers

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