Friday, September 10, 2010

iOS 4.1 Brings Keyboard Navigation to VoiceOver Users

Apple has updated the accessibility feature of the iPhone by providing keyboard navigation capabilities in iOS 4.1, according to

Among the improvements for Voiceover users, come not only a host of important bug fixes, such as proper editing of contact phone numbers, as well as the fact that Voiceover will now read tables in their proper order, but VO users now have very comprehensive keyboard navigation support.

• Arrow keys MOve Voiceover cursor to navigate the iPhone / iPod Touch screens
• VO-spacebar activates the current item
• VO-a reads page from current location/starting at current item
• VO-b reads page starting at the top
• VO-h activates home button
• VO-m goes to the status bar
• VO– (dash/hyphen) stops the current action such as stopping / starting media playback or hanging up a call.
• VO-s toggles speech on/off
• VO-shift-s toggles screen curtain on/off
• Left/right arrow at the same time activates/deactivates the QuickNav feature
• Left-up arrow and right-up arrow cycle through the rotor settings
• Up and down arrows together activates the item like VO-spacebar
• VO-Command-left and right arrows cycle through Voiceover settings (Use VO-Command-up and down arrows to change settings)
Settings are: Use Phonetics, Use Pitch, Volume, Rate and Typing Echo
• VO-Space Bar on the Page label of a home screen advances the page. I.E. Pressing VO-Space on the ‘Page 1′ label will move to page 2

Other accessibility improvements include a sound in Safari that lets you know the page load progress and the announcement of in-page links by VoiceOver to improve navigation.

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