Sunday, September 5, 2010

Interactive Virtual Sparkler Creation Tool

iPhone artist deeje has released iSparkler 1.0, his interactive virtual sparkler creation tool for iPhone 4. The app enables the user to create, name, and save thousands of unique digital sparklers which respond to movement of the iPhone. Stop motion photos, capturing the multi-colored particles and designs emitted by the streaking virtual sparkler, can be saved and shared. Sparklers vary infinitely with random values assigned to particle color, shape, and behavior. Five preset sparklers, hand-picked by deeje, are included. The sparkler effect, particularly in dark surroundings, is highly realistic by virtue of the iPhone 4's advanced hardware features.

The iPhone 4 includes a state-of-the-art MEMS gyroscope; the microelectromechanical system gyro enables iSparkler to respond not only to y-axis rotation (tilt up-down), but z-axis rotation (turn left-right) as well. The ability to process input from all axes of rotation completes the illusion of a real sparkler, as it streaks, twirls, dives, and reverses direction. iSparkler also makes use of Retina display to produce life-like pyrotechnics that are both dazzling and hypnotic.

Feature Highlights:
* Motion - gently wave the iPhone 4 around to create streaks of light particles
* Randomize - explore a near infinite variety of sparkler colors, shapes, and behaviors
* Favorites - save sparklers and give them names to play with them again
* Snapshots - take a time series of snapshots of favorite sparklers in motion
* Share - post and save snapshots to Facebook and the photo library
* Achievements - track various stats and goals

A mesmerizing toy ready to play with at any time, iSparkler will entice many iPhone 4 owners, irrespective of age or gender. When, tapping the random generator button, the user creates a particularly appealing sparkler, they can give it a name and save it permanently in the app's library for future use. The Profile mode keeps track of all the statistics: number of random sparklers generated, number of sparklers saved, total waving distance, total waving time, and number of snapshots taken. Planned for future releases of the app are additional input methods, and music integration.

"A kid at night with a sparkler is an interactive fireworks display, entertaining everyone," enthused aspiring iPhone artist deeje. "iSparkler 1.0 will let you re-live those summer nights using your iPhone 4."

Pricing and Availability:
iSparkler 1.0 is regularly priced at $1.99 (USD), but is available now during this Introductory Sale at $0.99. Review copies are available upon request.

*thanks iclarified*

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