Friday, September 10, 2010

iFixIt Posts iPod Nano 6G Teardown

iFixIt has posted their teardown of Apple's new iPod Nano 6G with multi-touch.

The 6th Gen Nano sizes up at 1.48" x 1.68" x 0.35", and weighs 0.74 oz.
This LCD features a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.
The Nano has a 220 pixels-per-inch (PPI) screen
The 3.7 V lithium-ion battery has a listed capacity of .39 Watt-hours (105 mAh)

iPod Nano 6th Generation Repairability: 5 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)
● Good: The ribbon cable connectors make it easy to disconnect the display and headphone jack from the logic board.
● Good: Once the display is removed, the rest of the disassembly is relatively straightforward.
● Bad: Removing the display is very difficult without using a heat gun.
● Bad: The battery is soldered to the logic board, making replacement more cumbersome than necessary.

Take a look at a few pics below

*thanks iclarified*

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