Thursday, September 23, 2010

iAd for Developers Sees 75% Renewal Rate

iAd for Developers, a program that lets developers use iAds to promote their app in other applications, is beginning to get better reviews.

According to a report by the LATimes, iAd click rates tend to be higher than using mobile ad networks like Google-owned AdMob; however, companies are starting to realize favorable results.

"Even though they're more expensive," Janner, the chief executive of Springpad, wrote in an e-mail, "the fact that they're new, and that the user can download Springpad without leaving the app they're in has resulted in a better cost per download for us."

Ngmoco vice president of marketing Clive Downie said, "It's moderately successful, and cost effectiveness is increasing. We use many advertising streams so finding the perfect place for iAd in the overall life cycle of a product is still an objective for us."

The LATimes spoke with nearly a dozen iAd developer who expressed enthusiasm for the program.

This follows an early report by David Smith who found the iAd for Developers program to be "disappointing" and "ineffective" in marketing his Audiobooks Premium app.

Apple is now saying that 75% of those who bought into iAd for Developers have either renewed their trial or increased their spending.

"We're thrilled by the response to the iAd for Developers program, which is a great way for developers to advertise their own apps to millions of users," said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris.

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