Friday, September 10, 2010

Google Applauds Changes to iOS Terms of Service

Google has posted on its Mobile Ads blog applauding the changes Apple has made to its Terms of Service.

Today, Apple updated their iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Unlike the previous version, these new terms ensure that Apple’s developers have the choice of a variety of advertising solutions (including Google’s and AdMob’s) to earn money and fund their apps. Apple’s new terms will keep in-app advertising on the iPhone open to many different mobile ad competitors and enable advertising solutions that operate across a wide range of platforms.

This is great news for everyone in the mobile community, as we believe that a competitive environment is the best way to drive innovation and growth in mobile advertising. Mobile advertising has already helped to fund tens of thousands of mobile apps across many different platforms and devices, and it will help do the same for many more in the years ahead.

The new terms provide immediate clarification about the status of mobile advertising on the iPhone and will benefit users, developers, and advertisers. Users will benefit from more free, or low cost, apps that can now more readily be supported by advertising. Developers will be able to choose from a variety of competitive advertising options and pick the solution that works best for them, to boost their revenues. Advertisers will have access to simple and effective advertising solutions that can reach users across a wide range of devices.

We’re very grateful for all the words of encouragement we’ve received on this issue from app developers in recent months. We’re pleased that Apple has clarified its terms and we’re 100% committed to developing the best possible advertising solutions and formats for the iPhone - as well as for Android devices, BlackBerry devices, Palm devices, Windows mobile devices and undoubtedly many more to come - in the years ahead.

Omar Hamoui
Vice President of Product Management

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