Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discover the United States In a New Way

Mobwe has announced the release of U.S. Ahead app. U.S. citizens owning an iPhone 3GS/4 can now discover the United States in a new, unique way. By simply turning your iPhone you can see in real-time what states, national parks, lakes and famous places are ahead of you, in the pointed direction. If you would start walking in that direction, traveling across the United States, then these are the areas and places you would encounter in your journey.

Reverse usage is also possible. Just switch to exploration mode, pick an area of interest and the app shows you in what direction is the area located. Location of an area relative to your current location can be seen on Google Maps. Each area is also directly linked to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, providing a wealth of information about each area such as geography, history, images, education, sports and a lot more - all you can expect from an encyclopedia.

Combining all these features makes U.S. Ahead an exciting learning tool to discover and learn about the United States. The current version discovers all the states, largest national parks and lakes, and several famous places. Requests to add additional areas and places are most welcome.

Feature Highlights:
* Unique, real-time ahead area discovery
* Discovers all U.S. states, largest national parks and lakes, and several famous places
* Direct Wikipedia access
* Google Maps

Pricing and Availability:
U.S. Ahead 1.0 is available for $1.99 exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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