Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple's new flash system makes your night shots look better

A new Apple patent application shows how the company is developing smart flash systems to deliver better night shots.

The simple LED flash used on most cameras including the iPhone4, simply washes the scene with light that drops off in intensity with distance. The result is those awful looking pictures of groups of friends you see on Facebook, with the people up front all washed out while those who are further away get buried in the murkiness.

Apple's patent describes a multiple LED flash array that can redirect the flash's energy based on an analysis of the objects in the scene. This means it can direct more light towards people further away from the camera, while cutting back of the light hitting anyone who's standing too close.

Professional photographers use carefully directed flash to evenly light their shots, and while no little LED flash can ever compete with a powerful pro rig, this system should help you to put all of your friends in a more flattering light.

*thanks Dvice*

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